New Sponsorship Sales Approach In A New Era

You can't rely on your previous sales strategies and techniques! So, what do you do? First, if your event is postponed, reach out to current sponsors. Assure them their benefits and values from the event are still in place and then say, "What more can I do for you?" Listen to their answers ...

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How to Have Fun Selling Sponsorships & Be Successful!

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting located in Holmdel, NJ, teaches you how to have fun while selling sponsorships and how to be successful at the same time. What is sponsorship? It's an investment in cash and in kind in return for access to exploitable business potential.  Sounds simple?  It is but the process has [Read More]

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What Do Sponsors Want?

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting, teaches conference goers about What Sponsors Want (radio, TV, newspapers, social media, posters, flyers, banners, table tents, tickets) and how to offer each item to your sponsors for greater impact for the event.  The three most powerful elements that make sponsors happy? On site signage; Social media; Broadcast media. [Read More]

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Non-Traditional Revenue (NTR) Sponsorships

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting, talks about the opportunities for Non-Traditional Revenue and what value it has to both the media and the festival event producer.  NTR encompasses radio, television, newspapers, magazines and other media that has advertisers looking for ways to market their products to the general public through events.  In this session [Read More]

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Why Women Are Phenomenal Salespeople

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting, speaks to the conference about why women are phenomenal salespeople: they have empathy, they take the time to listen, and are willing to take notes and have a conversation about families.  This session is excellent for a sales team of all women so they can benefit from each other [Read More]

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What is a Sponsor Summit? with Sylvia Allen

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting teaches her audience about the value of holding a Sponsor Summit.  Quite often, when you can put your sponsors all in the same room, they not only learn new ways to maximize their sponsorship they also find hew partners for their sponsorship thereby strengthening their sponsorship investment.  This is [Read More]

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Sylvia Allen Discusses Cold Calling Successes

Allen Consulting owner Sylvia Allen discusses cold calling and success strategies during a recent conference where she was the keynote speaker.  Cold calling terrifies everyone; yet, if they take time to learn the techniques it gets easier.  Sylvia can give you (or your team) cold calling skills that offer guaranteed success, whether in sales or [Read More]

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Overcoming Negative Sponsorship Responses

Sponsorship guru Sylvia Allen of Allen Consulting teaches her audience about overcoming negative responses when asking for sponsorship dollars.  What are some of the ways a sponsor can say no?  We have no money, Our budget it too tight, We already support so many organizations in our community, and the list can go on and [Read More]

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Selling to Personality Styles

Sales expert, Sylvia Allen breaks down the different personality types you may encounter while trying to make a sale. And, more importantly, explains exactly how to approach the four different personalities which are driver, expressive, analytical and amiable.  Each of these styles has a different way of making a decision and understanding how those styles [Read More]

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PR Ideas for Non-Profits

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting, runs through the finer points of enhancing a non-profit organization during her keynote address.  First, PR for non-profits is easy because its not a commercial venture and the media are willing to promote your organization as long as it is interesting, newsworthy and timely.  Second, be creative in the [Read More]

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Sponsorship for Different Groups

Allen Consulting owner Sylvia Allen speaks about the ease of developing sponsorships for mixed groupswhether it is the Moral, Welfare and Recreation department in the military, Parks and Recreation departments or Main Street managers.  They all have a need for additional revenue which can easily be generated by sponsorship if certain protocols are met.  Once [Read More]

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Main Street Events

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting, speaks to National Main Street conference about tips for running a successful event.  Running a successful event is not an overnight thing.  And, it takes time and talent to run one successfully … plenty of lead time, community support, enough sponsors so you dont lose money and a theme [Read More]

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Sponsorship Pricing Tips

Sylvia Allen, owner of Allen Consulting, speaks to an audience about the ins and outs of properly pricing your sponsorship levels. She succinctly explains the pricing thought process to her audience in a recent keynote speech.  Quite often people make up sponsorship values without any thought process as to the value that these sponsorships have [Read More]

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Sylvia Allen on Networking Success

Excerpt from networking seminar wherein Allen Consulting owner Sylvia Allen teaches tried and true networking successes to Chambers of Commerce participants and other professional business associations.

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