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Powerful, Results-Driven Targeted Programs2024-01-21T17:39:29-05:00

Power Results Driven

Sylvia Allen.Media Relations
What are you doing right now?  Huddled in your cocoon?  Waiting for something to happen?  IT WON’T UNLESS YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. What are you going to do when we slowly come out of the business mess caused by the pandemic?  Same thing as before?  Something new? Have you even thought about it? You have to start now and what better place to start than with the media (radio, TV, print, they are ALWAYS around in good times and bad). And, you have to TALK to them, what do you say, how do you say it that’s what Allen Consulting teaches you.  Most importantly, you are GUARANTEED results! This isn’t Dr. Quack’s Magic Elixir, it’s a system that has helped thousands of businesses and non-profits survive five recessions (not counting this one) and come out better prepared and better equipped with improved marketing.

Sales Training and Coaching
What’s your closing ratio on a sales call?  One out of every 100?  If yes, that makes you the same as everyone else.  In order to be a good salesperson you should be closing 50% of your sales calls!  How do you do that? Learn from an expert … someone who HAS that closing ratio, and be a GREAT salesperson!  What’s your body language? What’s your BUYER’S body language?  Are you using power words or weak words? Do you BELIEVE in what you are selling?

Sponsorship Sales and Fundraising
You can’t rely on your previous sales strategies and techniques to work in today’s world!  Whether you are trying to capture corporate sponsors for your event or other activity or are a non-profit trying to generate donor revenue we are in a new and changed world.  So, what do you do? Are sponsorship sales and fundraising tough right now? You bet! But once again, be creative in reaching out to your sponsors and your donors … understand who they are and what they want to achieve and how partnering with you makes that possible! Then it will be easy.

Public Relations Strategies
How are you perceived by your customers?  Cutting edge?  Aggressive? Professional?  If you aren’t doing any PR whether it be radio or TV, newspapers or magazines, Twitter or Facebook you aren’t giving them any information to GIVE them a perception! Public relations awards are not given haphazardly, they are given for programs that create awareness, recognition, and perception of you …your business, your company, your organization!  It’s a formula designed for success but it’s not overnight.  PR is a long term commitment to altering or enhancing your customers, perceptions.  Done properly it’s effective, done without plan or randomly it’s a waste of time!

Everything you need under one roof! In short, one stop shopping that will increase your company’s bottom line.
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Allen Consulting specializes in creating successful programs for its clients. ACI is an internationally known, full-service firm headquartered in New Jersey, celebrating over 40 years of service in 2020!

One of New Jersey’s leading Marketing Agencies, Allen Consulting has been providing strategies to generate positive publicity and media relations services to both profit and non profit organizations for over 40 years. Primary services include media relations  training, publicity and promotions,  cause related marketing, public relations and sponsorship sales and fundraising all with the sole purpose of creating greater awareness of you and your organization.

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