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East Coast Movement Performance Institute Unveils Game-Changing Approach to Athlete Recovery and Performance with Innovative Injury Prevention Training

[OCEAN, N. J. – Jan. 3, 2024] -- In the world of contact sports, where every twist and turn can make headlines, East Coast Movement Performance Institute (East Coast MPI) is stepping into the limelight with a revolutionary approach to athlete recovery and performance. Nestled in the Township of Ocean, N.J. (Monmouth County), East [Read More]

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New Sponsorship Sales Approach In A New Era

You can't rely on your previous sales strategies and techniques! So, what do you do? First, if your event is postponed, reach out to current sponsors. Assure them their benefits and values from the event are still in place and then say, "What more can I do for you?" Listen to their answers ...

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How to Save Your Sponsorships in the Face of Cancelled and Postponed Events

As 2020 began, we were all blithely going along our sponsorship sales paths until we ran smack into the stone wall of a global pandemic. As the efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak have led to countless cancelled or postponed events, event planners have learned quickly that they can't rely on their previous sales [Read More]

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Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

PAUL, MN If the answer is yes you are a Rotarian in District 5960 in Minnesota and Wisconsin. What is Rotary? 1.2 million people in the world that believe and subscribe to the Four Way Test as follows: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? [Read More]

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Manalapan School System Sweeps Sunrise Optimist Club Essay Contest

FREEHOLD, N. J. -- Manalapan Englishtown Middle School eighth grader Kevin Guan, 13, recently won the Sunrise Optimist Clubs essay contest. The contest was based on the theme of When All the Worlds Problems are Solved, is Optimism Still Necessary?Guan was awarded first place for the honor. For his efforts Guan received a $250 check [Read More]

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Sunrise Optimist Club of Freehold Hosts Hot Shot Basketball Tournament, Feb. 10

Sunrise Optimist Club Hot Shot Basketball Tournament is February 10, 2019. FREEHOLD, N. J. The Sunrise Optimist Club of Freehold will once again host its fun, inexpensive and competitive activity, the Kylie Pinheiro Memorial Hot Shot Basketball Tournament, on Sunday, Feb. 10, for its third year in a row. The event, which [Read More]

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Restore Judy Garland’s 1925 Debut Opera House

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Aitkin, MN, and help us restore the building where Judy Garland (aka Baby Gumm) performed in 1925 -- the Aitkin Opera House! We are bringing the Opera House BACK TO LIFE to relive Over the Rainbow and other Judy Garland classics. 50% of the renovation is done…another $999,000, and [Read More]

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Chester Spring Brew Fest 2017

Chester Spring Brew Fest May 20-21, noon to 5 pm, in historic Chester, NJ. 175 Main Street, Chester In the Gazebo Park Pre-Buy Tickets:$15 Day of Event: $25 2-Day Tickets Pre-Buy: $25 2-Day Tickets Day of Event: $35 Reminiscent of America's old-time mercantile district, Chester is a trip down memory lane [Read More]

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