I THOUGHT THIS WAS my QUOTE!  It turns out Winston Churchill said it!

This is a hard concept to grasp because somehow “no” is the end; however, it’s not.

If you  have children you already know this!  You can tell them no and then no and then no again and they just keep trying until they wear you down!  Now, I’m not saying to use that strategy BUT think about your response when someone says no.  (In the first place there must be a reason they said it and, in the second place, it’s up to you to find out why!).

So, when someone says “no” … say the following (and use these EXACT words) … “You probably have a good reason for saying that, may I ask what it is?”  Just peel away the layers until you get to the reason why … at that time you can then prepare a response that eliminates the “no”!