This is a sad day for me … I cannot keep the Butler building any longer. Between $7,000 a month for a home health aide for my husband and the Butler building expenses I had to make a tough decision… I listed it with Close Converse in Brainerd.

Close Converse Real Estate Flyer

Close Converse Real Estate Flyer

Those of you that are familiar with the building know that Judy Garland, one of the Gumm Sisters, made her debut here at age 3, in the Opera house. If you go to, you will see the beautiful photos of the building.

There are currently three tenants in the building with room for only two more:

Minnesota Mobility, the Aitkin Chamber of Commerce and Miracle Ear.

In addition there is a Shared Office Space (SOS) facility that is outfitted with computers, printers, 60″ TV, projection and conference room facilities for up to 20 people. It features high speed broadband and one of the benefits of the space is accessible 24/7. Entry is by key code and you can come in any time you want and be assured of safety and security.

The building will sell for $399,000 and has a complement of banquet inventory for seating 200 people … 60″ rounds, high tops, 8′ rectangles and three sets of tablecloths (red, black and white) that go with the building. Of course, the fully furnished SOS goes with the building as well. And, no well equipped building would be without a snowblower! 🙂

Please let me know if you are interested … 218.678.2441 or 732 241 1144.