[OCEAN, N. J. – Jan. 3, 2024] — In the world of contact sports, where every twist and turn can make headlines, East Coast Movement Performance Institute (East Coast MPI) is stepping into the limelight with a revolutionary approach to athlete recovery and performance.

Nestled in the Township of Ocean, N.J. (Monmouth County), East Coast MPI isn’t just a training ground; it’s a game-changer, offering cutting-edge injury prevention training that seamlessly elevates athletic performance.  Specializing in return to sport testing for golf fitness, vertical leap training, and running analysis, East Coast MPI is setting the stage for a new era in sports rehabilitation.

Brian Mullins, MS, PT, the visionary founder of East Coast Movement Performance Institute, knew there had to be more to athlete restoration than the usual playbook.

Recently completing advanced training in functional biomechanics of the lower quarter, Mullins infused modern technology into physical therapy practice after gaining insights from the Movement Performance Institute in Los Angeles, California. The result? A dynamic blend of tech-savvy strategies and biomechanical mastery, ensuring athletes not only return to sport but do so with improved and safer performance.

At the core of East Coast MPI’s approach lies a commitment to injury prevention training, proving statistically to reduce injuries by 78% and catapult performance for participating athletes.

Mullins states, “This program not only guarantees peak athlete performance but also acts as a shield, significantly reducing the risk of future injuries down the line.”

To experience the groundbreaking innovation in athlete healthcare and performance, East Coast MPI invites you to visit their website and watch the video demonstrations.

Contact Brian Mullins at 732-922-6618 or via email at info@easternmonmouthpt.com. Dive deeper into the revolution at www.eastcoastmpi.com.