No UGGS, no North Face Parkas or gloves, no face masks to protect from the wind, snow and cold … what kept the men in the Revolutionary War army going? They often walked hundreds of miles in shoes that were lined with paper and straw to keep their fee warm, there were food shortages so often they had only had hardtack to eat. (thats flour and water fried!). Yet they kept fighting for their country! Why? They were Patriots united in their desire to have a free country in which they could live their lives without foreign country influence or dictates. Their motivator was freedom and was the burning desire that kept them moving on.

One of the major battles of the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Assunpink in the Trenton Area. It was the second one and the forces were almost equally matched. General Washington, at the end of the first day of battle, felt they were outnumbered and silently withdrew and troops, moving that night, and went to fight the battle of Princeton.

On Wednesday, April 27, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) will have a ceremony at Mill Hill Park presenting the prestigious DAR America 250 Revolutionary War Patriots Marker. The ceremonies will be opened by NJDAR State Regent Bonnie Matthews and then followed by the color guard, pledge of allegiance, singing of the national anthem and an invocation Several state officials, including Trenton mayor Reed Gusciora, will be present offering their support and comments for this action.

We are so pleased to be able to recognize these wonderful patriots and their loyalty to our country in spite of the many hardships they had to endure stated Mathews. It is thanks to their valiant and selfless efforts that we enjoy our wonderful American freedoms today.

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Battle of Assunpink Creek at Mill Hill Park Ceremony

Start Time: 2:00pm

Order of the Day

  • Welcome NJDAR State Regent Bonnie Matthews
  • Opening Ceremonies
    • Posting of Colors SAR Color Guard
    • Pledge of Allegiance Diane Oliver
    • National Anthem Pat Sanftner
    • Invocation Pastor Molly Dykstra 1st Presbyterian Church Trenton
  • Opening remarks PG
  • Governor or Lt Governor
  • Congresswoman Watson
  • Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora
  • NJ State elected District Officials
  • Battle of Trenton History NJSAR State Historian Roger Williams
  • Presentation and Ceremony of the DAR America 250 Revolutionary War Patriots Marker with Historian General & State Historian, Honorary PG Lynn Forney Young
  • Wreath Laying
  • Awarding of Amerca250 Certificates & Medals and Thank You NJDAR State Historian
  • Benediction Pastor Molly Dykstra 1st Presbyterian Church Trenton
  • Closing NJDAR State Regent Bonnie Matthews


Since 1890, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) have been promoting historic preservation, education and patriotism. Its easy to envision what historic preservation and education mean, but not so patriotism.
The definition of patriotism is the love and the devotion to ones country. But that doesnt come close to defining it. Its the men and women who fought to defend our constitution and way of life (they were called patriots). Each member of the DAR honors a revolutionary war patriot that fought for our freedom.

During the Revolutionary war, our patriots risked not only losing their property and freedom, but also their lives to protect the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not all Patriots fought in the war but supported the war efforts with civil service and funding the revolution.

Each member of the DAR has a responsibility and commitment to honoring a patriot and upholding the ideals by which he/she lived. To be a patriot is an honor, an obligation, and a humbling experience.

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