Sylvia AllenI have wrestled with the right way to describe my style of sponsorship selling and at last have come up with a definition … my style is Ala Carte and those who design “packages” (gold, silver, bronze, etc.) are Prix Fixe.  And, I don’t say that is wrong; however, I do know when I am meeting with a potential sponsor the ala carte method gives them more opportunities to decide exactly what they want in their program.

If you have participated in any of my seminars, I hand out a sample of an asset inventory sheet (really just like an ala carte menu only there are no dollar signs) that you can use as an example and as a way to simplify your potential marketing partners’ decisions on what they feel would best serve THEM in this relationship.

And, if you requested the pricing information last week and you couple that with the asset inventory sheet you can quickly (and easily) determine the value of all of yur assets which allows you to determine what a sponsor should invest, based on their selection/s.

Please let me know if you would like a copy of the asset inventory sheet keeping in mind it is a SAMPLE … you need to customize it for your own benefit.  Of course, I can always help you figure out how to marry them!  Just call me!