Whew … the last two weeks have been unbelievable!

Just when the pandemic seemed to be “under control” Minnesota puts itself on the world map with the death of George Floyd.

The quote this time (by the way put “person” instead of man) was one that we were raised with.  Please take a moment to understand that it was designed to encourage people to have empathy for others that are “different” from themselves.

We did our first Zoom-storming which ended quickly because of router problems here in beautiful downtown Aitkin (Minnesota!) but a few good ideas came out of it!

  1. If you have a gated event that runs multiple days offer cheaper entrance prices on other than weekend days.
  2. Want to get feedback from event attendees, sponsors and vendors about their reaction to the pandemic and the changes?  Do a survey but make it worth their while … offer free coupons, a discount, etc.  They will respond quicker.
  3. And, when doing a survey … keep it short … just ask the key questions that will help you (and them!) going forward.
  4. If you have a gated event and want to control the attendance take reservations!  You do it if you are dining out … why not for the event!

Let me know if you would like to participate in a future Zoom-storming (once I get back to NJ which is next week).  Not gambling on equipment failure again!

And remember … we are ALL going through difficult times and having to rethink who we are and what we do … this of it as re-tooling!  Just don’t give up … not worth the effort!