How many of you are involved in the event business … whether production, sponsorship, management, implementation?  And, now that we are in phase II for coming out of the COVID “crisis”, how are you approaching your event/s?

Of course, back in March when everything came to a standstill we wondered if it was temporary and shortly we would be able to do “business as usual”.  OK, it’s four months later and business ISN’T as usual so … how do we make it work.

Being a positive person, my first step was to identify what can be the same!  What assets are still available to sponsors, what activities are available to participants and how can I work with the crafters and food trucks to make sure their participation is profitable.  Once that list was done I took the second step.

What am I losing?  How can I replace it or with what?  And, honestly that’s where I am right now.  There are tons of webinars and seminars on hybrid events and virtual events … watch as many as your can … they often have several great nuggets of learning that YOU can use.

And, look on the positive side … the events will continue to live on, just in a new format!