Bill Bechtoldt and The New Jersey Work Camp came together with The Holmdel Kiwanis Club, along with the help of Tonys Mountain Construction, and installed a Handicap Ramp for seniors in Keyport, NJ in less than two days.  Taking part in this project was Anthony Montagna,the owner of Tonys Mountain Construction, Montagna and two of his employees took on the job and brought it to completion.  Montagna has been a member of the Holmdel Kiwanis Club for years, and originally had been contacted by Bechtoldt.

Bechtoldt and the NJ Work Camp had purchased the Ramp forthe senior couple and had contactedMontagna asking for him to help bring the project to completion.  The homeowner, whose wife had become wheelchair bound, was finding it very difficult to get around, and hard to get his wife to and from their home.(The NJ Work Camp is an organization of youth groups from all over the country, who come together and had traveled to New Jersey to dedicate two weeks of their summer to do repairs and painting and other good deeds for seniors who were in need.)

The Holmdel Kiwanis is a group of like-minded citizens dedicated to changing their community by improving the lives of children and their families.  The group works with a variety of non-profits with the same philosophy of serving.  Membership in the club is open to anyone in the community that is at least 18 years of age and has a passion for helping others through volunteering to serve.  The Holmdel Kiwanis has been serving the community since 1965 and welcomes people to visit a meeting to find ways they can participate.  The Holmdel Kiwanis meets weekly at 7 pm at a variety of locations throughout the area.  To find future meetings visit  Please join them for dinner as their guest.