Most recently I got mine from a Zoom meeting of the Rotary Club of North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale meeting!
This is a great Rotary with a well planned and scheduled meeting … there are always words of wisdom, a prayer or enlightening quote or story to start the day (they meet at 7 am on Friday in Minnesota!)  Luckily I can go to Zoom meetings.
     Two weeks ago the following poem was read and in this weird, chaotic, “what’s happening” time, it resonated with me.  It is from a book called ON THE BACK BURNER by Lee Stoerzinger, a member of the club and owner of Lee Stoerzinger Wealth Management located in Oakdale, Minnesota.  The book is available on Amazon and various other outlets.
When it’s your turn
You first help your neighbor and then she helps her friend
the friend is so thankful that his smile just won’t end.
+He goes to the market and sees someone in need
A few simple dollars to fulfill a great deed.
For all throughout time, this rule has stood test,
give to another and you will be blessed.
It’s not about getting when your turn comes around
if you sit there and wait, you will be let down.
Some folks will laugh and dismiss this great plan
They want me to prove it — how sorry I am.
I ask that you try it.  As soon as you do
You will see changes — changes in you.
You’ll have helped another, this we all know
But something more subtle will begin to show.
Your walk will be straighter, your sky will be bright
A glow from inside you will prove that it’s right.
And then when it’s your turn, have nothing to fear
Your efforts will guide you, and your gifts will appear.
Thank you, Lee, for such gentle and insightful words!