It’s time to get warm!
Some of us are freezing to death with below zero temperatures …
others are in snow up to their hairlines!
It’s time to start thinking warm thoughts and going to Uganda for the summer trip.
With temperatures in the 60-80 F range EVERY DAY it’s a wonderful fantasy!

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you got to be with friends and family or just had moments of solitude, peace and quiet. Whatever was on YOUR wish list … And, although we did not have enough people for a Christmas trip the children still had their Christmas party … every girl got a new dress, every boy a new shirt, and the secondary school children and college/technical school ones got shillings as well as teaching staff. Staff also had a wonderful time with the jewelry display and had a wide range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and pins from which to choose. And, thanks to generous donations, we even had meat sauce and a big cake. We weren’t able to get the “goody” bag stuff there so will be taking it with us for the summer trip. We can give it to them at the annual birthday party!

The dates for the summer trip are June 14-26 and if you are traveling from NJ the cost is only $3,650 which covers EVERYTHING except your travel insurance but includes the Visa. That means hotel, airfare, food, car and driver and, of course, a three day safari! If you want to check this out the hotel where we stay is the GolfLane Hotel in Masaka and the safari lodge is Mweya in Queen Elizabeth National Park. I will need to know by mid February so I can begin to negotiate good flight rates, etc. (If you were on one of the early trips you should come back … you will be AMAZED at what we have accomplished!)

I love this picture … it is from Top Class (which is 3-4-5 year old’s) and this boy is so wonderfully serious!

School child focused on his work.The joy of this trip (besides being warm!) is meeting these children who have so little
and yet are so willing to give of their love and their hearts. I am so lucky to have this loving surround … you will have the same luck if you come with us. Let me know if you have questions … you can call me or you can call any of 200+ people who have made these trips since 2003. e-mail is, telephone is 732 946 2711 or cell is  732 241 1144. Please let me hear from you. Visit