Christmas in July

The Mbiriizi Advanced Primary and Day Care School has grown and the needs have grown with it.  Where once there were 439 students, now there are over 1,200, 25% of whom are orphans. 

These children are grateful for the basics of education, health, safety, lodging and food.  They look forward to the gifts and treats that the yearly Christmas party brings which will be held November 17 this year which is the end of their school year.

Please help us continue to bring smiles to these children’s faces.  For $35 you can purchase a dress for a girl, a shirt for a boy and a goody bags (crayons, pencils, candy, stickers, mardi gras beads, etc.)  Just go to and click on the donate now button on the top right hand corner.  For a donation of only $35 you can guarantee a child a Merry Christmas.  So little to buy a lasting and infections smile.

Thanks for loving these children as much as I do!