1) Talented wedding filmmakers’ schedules fill up fast, so book early
Once you have scheduled a wedding date, you should waste no time in starting your search for your videographer. The most talented ones are booked heavily in advance, so make shopping for a videographer a top priority.

2) Ask friends and family for referrals
People will often talk about what went wrong at their wedding, and what vendors NOT to use, but most satisfied clients don’t talk enough about the amazing vendors! How do you find out about the good ones if no one is talking? Just ask! I’m sure once you start asking around, you’ll find a few people you know who were delighted with their wedding film.

3) Check out magazines and blogs
Don’t look for the big budget companies who advertise here! Rather; seek out the sections of the magazine or blog that are dedicated to showcasing the “real weddings.” Magazines will showcase the photographer’s pictures from the wedding and also list other vendors who worked on the wedding, such as the videographer, and blogs can showcase both the video and photographs from the event. These “real wedding” features are handpicked by the editor and feature only the best and most unique vendors.

4) Search the Internet
Once you have asked for referrals and checked out the “real weddings” featured by blogs and magazines that you love, you can always use the Internet to help refine your search. You can use Google to search for reviews of the studios you are interested in learning more about, and third party sites like Wedding Wire or OneWed for third party ratings and reviews as well. Also, be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau for any possible problems or complaints against the studio you are interested in using to produce your wedding film.

5) Personality, personality, personality
When you first have the opportunity to speak with the studio, the conversation should be fun, relaxed, and informative. Make sure you vibe with the studio from the first telephone call, all the way until the delivery of your film.

6) Review portfolios
When looking at a videographer’s collection of work, focus on finding videos that capture your attention emotionally. You should immediately fall in love with the work when you see it. Once you have narrowed your list to one or two videographers, ask each of them to show you a full wedding film. This will give you a much better idea as to what you can expect than a variety of samples from different weddings.

7) Ask plenty of questions
Whether you choose an in-person consultation or a telephone consultation, you have to take the opportunity to ask what is important to you. Each bride & groom will have a different set of concerns, but here are some important questions to start with:
a) How long have you been in business?
b) What separates you from other videographers?
c) Do you use on-camera lights?
d) Do you shoot in high definition, and will I receive my wedding on high definition Blu-ray discs? e) Do I get to choose music for my film? f) What are the costs for the various levels of coverage? g) What are the payment terms?

The above tips were provided by Damon Dietz, owner, Absolute Media Productions. For more information on Absolute Media Productions visit www.AbsoluteMediaProductions.com and view samples of their work, or call them at 866 550 MEDIA (866-550-6334).