Allen Consulting is a veteran of three decades of successful public relations while consistently winning awards (and recognition) for its clients.


Allen Consulting Provides the Following Services to Clients:

  • Media Relations – Our PR specialists and consultants have worked with radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet for three decades. Read more…
  • Sales Training and Coaching – Learn from an expert! Sales coaching is great for one to one learning situations that increase the salespersons ability to “make the deal”.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Sales and Training – Allen Consulting has developed sponsorship programs for communities, individuals, festivals, events and corporations for three decades, profit and non-profit. In fact, Sylvia Allen is the Queen Mother of Sponsorship Sales and World’s Sponsorship Expert. Read more…
  • Public Relations Strategies – As an award-winning PR agency with over three decades of experience in strategies to generate positive publicity, we can propel your enterprise to the next level. Read more…

Sylvia speaking at IFEA conference in Beijing, China.Sylvia speaking at the IFEA conference in Beijing, China. In addition to the range of services offered by Allen Consulting, Sylvia Allen is an internationally recognized professional motivational speaker, corporate sponsorship, and charity fundraising expert. Her books and DVD’s are distributed around the world and her book, How To Be Successful At Sponsorship Sales, is in its eighth printing. She is all about motivating her clients (and audiences around the world) to be excited about their lives and enterprises.

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Everything you need under one roof! In short, one stop shopping that will increase your company’s bottom line. Give us a call and find out how YOU can be successful.

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