Where’s Sylvia?

As a professional motivational speaker and book publicist, Sylvia has traveled the world providing media relations skills training and information on getting corporate sponsorship.

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Sylvia’s Seminars and Travels

Date Location
January 8, 2017 International Builders Show, Orlando
January 31-February 1, 2017 Speaker at Minnesota Travel and Tourism conference
February 23-24, 2017 Speaker, Nova Scotia
April 22-23, 2017 Waretown Spring Wine Festival
May 20-21, 2017 Chester Spring Brew Fest, Noon to 5 pm, Chester, NJ
June 10-11, 2017 Jersey Shore Wine Festival
September 9, 2017 Harvest Moon Brew Fest, 2 to 6 pm, Aitkin, MN
Date Location
Sylvia in China